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Accounting Services and Fees

(Applicable when you do not purchase a monthly package)

  1. Company Secretarial Services – Preparation and submission of various documents within the company to Companies House.
  2. The company’s annual Statutory Accounts are prepared and reported to Companies House.
  3. Corporation Tax (Corporation Tax) is prepared and reported to HMRC.
  4. Preparation of company management accounts (Management Accounts) – for company management, immigration, banks, investors, etc.
  5. Preparation of the company’s budget (Financial Forecast) – to the company’s management, immigration, banks, investors, etc.
  6. VAT value-added tax declaration Bookkeeping journal – declaration and payment or application for tax refund, records of various income and expenditure, bank reconciliation.
  7. The company’s internal financial/back office full custody service – including the contents of the above Bookkeeping journal plus sales invoicing, collection, bank payment on behalf of the operation, translation and communication, etc.
  8. PAYE employee tax (Payroll Services) – help you calculate employee tax and NI’s after-tax wages and company expenses.
  9. Pension employee pension is declared (Auto Enrolment) – to help you calculate the amount that employees and employers should pay.
  10. Self-Assessment Tax Return – Company directors, high-income earners, and those with undeclared income.
  1. Company Secretarial Services – Preparation of various documents within the company and submission to Companies House
  1. a) Company registration from £200+VAT
  2. b) Starting from £100+VAT for company deregistration
  3. c) Reinstate the revoked company from £500+VAT
  4. d) Company name change £100+VAT
  5. e) Shareholder agreement £500+VAT
  6. f) Increase or decrease of shares, change of par value of shares and division of shares £500+VAT
  7. g) Company registered address £150+VAT per year
  8. h) Change of address, appointment of new directors, resignation of directors, resignation of company secretary: £50+VAT each time

✓ We will register a new company (private company limited by share) for our accounting client’s company free of charge.

✓ Item h) is free for customers who use our other accounting services.

✓ To register a company, please obtain “001 YWC LLP Registration of British Companies and Non-profit Organizations Required Information 2023”




All quotations are subject to an additional 20% VAT.


2. The company’s annual statutory accounts (Statutory Accounts) – preparation and reporting to Companies House

* Turnover range


Annual Confirmation

Year-end account

corporate tax return

tax planning

email consultation

telephone consultation

(limited company)




Tax return







DCA dormant company



Up to £30K


£30K – £85K


£85K – £150K


£150K – £250K


£250K – £500K


£500K – £750K


£750K – £1M


£1M – £1.5M


£1.5M – £2M


Over £2M


*Turnover range: If the company has little or no sales, the total expenditure or total investment shall prevail.

The statutory annual accounts are the accounts that the company must submit to Companies House and HMRC according to law every year. Late reporting will result in fines or even prosecution. Accounting service charges will take into account a variety of factors, such as company turnover, asset size, number of employees, whether it involves

In addition to the needs of Companies House and HMRC, other aspects, such as immigration, embassies, banks, etc., so the same regulations

Model companies charge different fees due to different work content and risks involved, but we generally discuss the charging method and amount with you in advance.


  1. 3. Prepare and report Corporation Tax to HMRC. The company income tax is generally included in the company’s annual account expenses above, if you just need us to help you declare the company’s income separately

We can quote you separately.


  1. 4. Management Accounts and
  2. 5. Preparation of company budget (Financial Forecast)

The above two services are different from the statutory annual accounts, which need to meet the statutory requirements of Companies House and HMRC. They are provided to the company’s management, immigration bureau, banks, investors, etc. according to the company’s own needs. The time is not necessarily a whole year, you can A month or a few months is fine. The starting fee is generally half of the statutory annual account fee, and one month’s fee will be added for each month of the management account that exceeds half a year. For example, the company’s statutory annual account fee is 1,200 pounds, and the three-month management account fee is 600 pounds. Also £600 for 1 month, £800 for 8 months and so on.


6. Bookkeeping journal service and VAT value-added tax declaration

Journal and VAT declaration


VAT check

fixed assets



& VAT Services


And submitted to the tax office HMRC

to register

& Receivables


Every 100 notes or transaction records


£100 base fee

VAT (purchasing agent) tax refund



*VAT refund, charged at 2% of the purchase amount, or a pre-agreed fixed fee.

Free VAT registration: Free VAT registration for customers who entrust us to declare VAT on a quarterly or monthly basis.

The one-time application fee is: £100+vat, if additional materials are required: £300+vat.

A complete journal (bookkeeping) is to record every business-related expenditure (including expenditures paid to third parties and wages paid to employees) and sales, and it is related to every bank in and out or cash account in and out match, every entry and exit of the bank should have a clear

The source and destination, so the journal (bookkeeping) is not just a record of expenses and sales revenue.


You have three options for this job:


  1. 1. Complete by yourself: You can choose the accounting software Sage (there will be a software fee of £240+VAT per year) used by our firm to complete the work of bookkeeping and complete each VAT declaration by yourself. If you choose to use accounting software such as Sage/Xero and the company’s bank link auto feed, the bank will automatically push the previous day’s transactions to the accounting software every day, which saves labor costs and improves accuracy.
  1. 2. You complete the bookkeeping, and we help you check the declaration: you need to use the Excel template we provide to complete it yourself

After the bookkeeping work, we will help you check, enter and complete the VAT declaration through accounting software. The cost is each time

£100-£200 plus VAT.


  1. 3. You can also completely entrust us to help you complete the whole process from the record of the journal bookkeeping to the VAT declaration. In this case, you need to provide us with all the invoices, sales invoices, and bank statements in advance . The minimum VAT charge for ‘each’ declaration is £100+VAT, including a maximum of 100 transactions. Every record of an expense invoice, or every record of a sale, or every record of a bank’s incoming or outgoing account is regarded as a transaction record transaction, exceeding

After 100 transaction records, it will be calculated according to £50+VAT per 100 transaction records.


The frequency of making a running account is determined in advance according to the size of your business volume. It can be once a day, once a week, or once a month. Companies that register for VAT generally do so once every three months (of course, some companies that declare VAT every month need to do so every month. do), companies with relatively small business volume can do it once a year.


  1. 7. The company’s internal financial/back office full custody service – in addition to the contents of the above Bookkeeping journal, it will also include issuing sales invoices to your customers, collecting money, operating bank payments on behalf of you, translation and communication, etc. We will designate a special person to be responsible for your company’s affairs. This service is equivalent to hiring a part-time back office and cashier in your company. The cost starts from £1000+VAT per month.

8. PAYE employee tax (Payroll Services) – help you calculate employee tax and NI’s post-tax wages and company expenses

Employee Tax Return (PAYE)






Filing of RTIs in real time


(employment tax)




Tax and NIC Calculation

NIC computing




british company


overseas company


1, The above expenses are the basic expenses for each fiscal year, including two employees;

2, £100 one-time set up fee;

3, The set up fee for each additional employee is £50, and the declaration fee is £5 per month.

4, For companies that report employee tax every week or every two weeks, the annual basic fee is 200 pounds plus 5 pounds per employee for each salary slip.

9. Pension employee pension is declared (Auto Enrolment) – helps you calculate the amount that employees and employers should pay

1. Pension registration: a one-time £100; the current regulation is that employees with a monthly salary of £833 must register.

2. Statutory declaration once every three years, £100 each time;

3. Each employee declares £15 per month;

4. Each employee needs to operate the opt out after receiving the pension provider such as NEST. This is also the procedure set up by the government to truly reflect the voluntary withdrawal of employees. If you need our technical assistance, each person has 50 pounds cost.

5. The employee cancels the pension declaration £50.

  1. 10. Self-Assessment Tax Return – company directors, high-income earners, and those with undeclared income.

10.1 Clients who do not declare or are company directors and their personal income only comes from their own company’s salary or dividend expenses of £100 per year .


10.2 The fee will increase according to the increase in the type of income, such as dividend income, interest income, capital gain income from stocks or other movable assets, rental income, capital gain income from real estate, overseas income, income from trusts, self-employment business etc.


10.3 Accountant certification letter: £100 each (no need to prove income figures), £200 each (need to prove income).


10.4 Communicate with HMRC on your behalf, £100 each time.


Please refer to the personal tax return application form for the specific cost of personal tax return.


Consulting fee charging standard


Assistant Accountant: £90/30 minutes; Partner: £180/30 minutes The first consultation is free for 15 minutes,

Charges start at a minimum of 30 minutes and are billed every 10 minutes thereafter. The consultation needs to be reserved in advance, and the general content of the consultation should be explained. We cannot guarantee that the guests who have not made an appointment in advance can arrange it on the same day. We cannot offer any further free consultations to customers who have had their first free consultation. Email/telephone/WeChat/SMS consultation is also included in the charging time, providing free business consultation related to the content of the contract for the contracted customers without time limit. Don’t talk about other matters during the consultation! Please pay the consultation fee first, thank you for your cooperation.





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